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Form Locator 16: Enter the time of discharge in military time with 2 characters. Value Codes and Amounts Code. A six zero value entry for Value Codes 12- 16 indicates conditional Medicare payment requested (0000. Changes include definition changes for value codes, deletion of UB-92 information, removal of periods. 43 Description Enter a brief description that corresponds to the Revenue Code in column 42.

Ensure that all data is entered correctly and accurately in the correct fields. addresses the issue in a less burdensome fashion. Point of Origin Codes Update to the UB-04 (CMS-1450) Manual Code List.

Value Codes and Amounts. Transmittal 81. No other publication — governmental or private/commercial — can be considered authoritative. org) via the NUBC’s Official UB-04 Data Specifications Manual.

Form locator 7: Not in use 8. Elective – The patient&39;s condition permitted adequate time to schedule the. Rejection Details. CMS Manual System.

Enter insurance information including the patient&39;s name exactly as it appears on the insurance card. This value or value 59 is required on the initial bill for oxygen therapy and on the fourth month’s bill. This rejection indicates the claim is missing Value Code 80. 7677.

39–41* Value Code/Amount If required by Medica contract, enter value code 01 and the semi-private room rate for the facility. · Form Locator 15: Enter the 1-digit code indicating the source of referral for this visit. What is NUBC value code 80? Use only the physical address for the service facility location field. Codes are also available from the NUBC ( www.

NUBC Meeting August 13-14,. The UB-04 Manual (National Uniform Billing Data Element Specifications as Developed by the NUBC – Current Revision) should be used in conjunction with this Provider Billing Guideline and the applicable provider guideline as a reference guide for the preparation of claims to be submitted to NYS Medicaid. (NUBC) UB-04 claim form. FL 37 - Reserved for Assignment by the NUBC 96 FL 38 - Responsible Party Name and Address (Claim Addressee) 97 FLValue Codes and Amounts 98 FL 42 - Revenue Codes 117 FL 43 - Revenue Description/IDE Number/Medicaid Drug Rebate/ Line Level 176 Rendering Provider NPI FL 44 - HCPCS/Accommodation Rates/HIPPS Rate Codes 178. Amounts may be up to ten numeric positions.

Form Locator 17: This is the discharge status line. Form locator 10:Patient birthdate in MMDDCCYY (month, day,. VALUE CODES AND AMOUNT Enter the appropriate two-digit value nubc manual value codes code and value if there is a value code and value appropriate for this claim. REVENUE CODE R Enter the applicable Revenue Code for the services rendered. The codes are two alphanumeric digits, and each value allows up to nine numeric digits. For a list visit the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) website or the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Internet-Only Manual (IOM), Publication 100-05, Medicare Secondary. List applicable NDC if field 44 is a J code which.

Religious non-medical health-care institutions 16. Organ procurement organizations 12. code sources, the National Uniform Billing Committee. Occupational therapy services 14. Check with each insurance payer to determine what data is required. National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC), will be accepted into the Fiscal. A complete listing of all codes is accessible from the National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) Official UB-04 Data Specifications Manual. See full list on verywellhealth.

There are 81 fields or lines on a UB-04. Form locator 6:Statement from and through dates for the service nubc manual value codes covered on the claim, in MMDDYY (month, date, year) format. 17: Operating Outlier Amount (Not reported by providers) 18: Operating Disproportionate Share Amount (Not reported by providers) 19: Operating Indirect medical education on Unibill (IME) (Not reported by providers) 20. Form locator 8:Patient name in Last, First, MI format 9. Comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation facilities 3.

Enter the appropriate two-digit value code and value if there is a value code and value appropriate for this claim. UB-04 Institutional Rejection. The sum of 04 is the equivalent to 0450. For patient. Value Codes (Form Locators 39–41). These codes are not utilized by providers. Form locator 9:Patient street address, city, state, zip, and country code 10.

NUBC Value Code(s) Acknowledgement/Returned as unprocessable claim-The claim/encounter has been rejected and has not been entered into the adjudication system. . Update to Current National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) Codes. Federally qualified health centers 6. You can access the UB-04 billing information adopted by the NUBC by subscribing to the Official UB-04 Data Specifications Manual. . Critical access hospitals 4. 00) (Payer Code C).

Form locator 2:Billing provider&39;s pay-to name, address, city, state, zip, and ID if it&39;s different from field 1 3. · Form Locator 39-41: Value codes and amounts for special circumstances from the NUBC manual. What is NUBC value code? Form Locator 18 – 28: These are all condition codes. Include National Provider Identifier (NPI) information where indicated. Per the NUBC Manual, all of the following types of bills (TOBs) require an Admitting Diagnosis Code: 11x (Hospital: Inpatient Part A), 12x (Hospital: Inpatient Part B), 18x (Hospital Swing Beds—Inpatient), 21x (Skilled Nursing Facility: Inpatient Part A), 22x (Skilled Nursing. see nubc manual for specific codes. What is the value code for an unprocessable claim?

The provider reports right justified in the cents area. Form locator 1:Billing provider name, street address, city, state, zip, telephone, fax, and country code 2. (See note following code 59 for an example. Medicare systems apply these codes to the claim systematically. Outpatient physical therapy services 13. Field 35 in NJ HEALTHCAP Extract File Layout. RA 42* Revenue Code Enter the appropriate numeric code to identify specific accommodations and/or ancillary service in ascending numeric order, by date of service if applicable.

The Patient Status Code (Form Locator 17 on the UB04 claim form) identifies patient status as of statement covers through date and is required on all Institutional Inpatient. The displayed claim form is a sample and is for illustration. Skilled nursingfacilities. Background: The National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) has approved the use of new condition and value codes with effective dates of Octo and Janu.

Form locator 5:Federal tax number for your facility 6. NUBC Value Code (s) Acknowledgement/Returned as unprocessable claim-The claim/encounter has been rejected and has not been entered into the adjudication system. Form locator 3:Patient control number and the medical record number for your facility 4.

More detailed instructions can be found at www. After. Community mental health centers 2. - Use value code A2 if Medicare is primary. Value Code designating that a birth weight in grams is in existence. . AARP health insurance plans (PDF download) Medicare replacement (PDF download) AARP MedicareRx Plans United Healthcare (PDF download).

If code 06 is entered, there must be an entry for code 37. To view a sample CMCM UB-04 claim form, see Appendix A. Medicaid Full Days (Loop 2300 Value Code HI -HI0x-5 when HI0x-2. Use the correct two-digit code from the NUBC manual.

· The UB-04 Data Specifications Manual is the official source of data specifications adopted by the NUBC and contains codes used in the 837 Institutional electronic claims. . Medicaid Services (CMS). Oxygen Saturation (02 Sat/ Oximetry). Form Locator 42: Revenue codes from the NUBC manual.

FLValue Codes and Amounts; FL 42 - Revenue Codes; FL 66 - Diagnosis and Procedure Code Qualifier (ICD Version Indicator) FL 81 - Code-Code Field (for paper UB-04s only) To license an electronic version of the UB-04 code set for internal use or integration into products and services, contact the Licensing Department at Any institutional provider can use the UB-04 for billing medical claims. · FLs 39, 40, and 41. - Use value code B2 if Medicare is secondary. External Code Source: National Uniform Billing Committee&39;s UB04 Specifications Manual. They&39;re referred to as form locators or "FL. Use other condition codes as appropriate. The NUBC code instructions related to the use of occurrence code. The nubc manual value codes National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) designates various series within the Condition, Occurrence, Occurrence Span and Value codes as payer only codes.

For more information on nubc manual value codes Revenue Codes, refer to the National Uniform Billing Committee’s Official UB-04 Data Specifications Manual. If codes 08 and/or 10 are entered, there must be an entry in FL 10. This manual, copyrighted by the American Hospital Association, is the only official source of UB Data.

42 state that, “ for. Codes used for Medicare claims are available from Medicare contractors. This includes: 1. Form locator 4:Type of bill (TOB). Indian Health Services facilities 11. When evaluating requests, NUBC members focus on issues such as: 1) whether existing codes in the UB-04 Manual could be used (condition codes, occurrence codes, value codes, and revenue codes); 2) whether the information would be more appropriately collected using ICD-10-CM/PCS, CPT or HCPCS codes; or 3) whether an approach used by other states, plans, etc. .

Revenue Code and Revenue Description Required - One revenue code line is required on the RAP. For a complete list of codes, see the NUBC manual. Use correct diagnosis codes (​ICD-10) and procedure codes (CPT/HCPCS) using modifiers when required.

Form Locator 43: Revenue code description, Investigational Device Exemption (IDE) number, or Medicaid drug rebate NDC (National Drug Code). Subject: National Uniform Billing Committee (NUBC) Update to Chapter 25 I. Indicates arterial blood gas value at the beginning of each reporting period for oxygen therapy.

Ma, admin, Leave a comment. Additionally, all codes that have been approved by the NUBC and that were not in the Claims Processing Manual have been added to these instructions to comply with. Michigan BCBS put a new edit in place on 5/1/16 requiring this value code for claims going forward. If applicable, enter the appropriate code from the NUBC UB-04 Manual, Form Locator 39-41 to indicate that one (or. . Form Locator (FL)s 39-41 Value Codes and Amounts. See NUBC manual for specific codes. Each code must be accompanied by an amount.

What is the status code for ub04? Value Codes (Form. All codes are two alphanumeric digits. Failure to report a condition code (81, 82, or 83) for those ICD-10. To fill out the form accurately and completely, be sure to: 1. Electronically, the Patient Status Code is submitted in the 2300 CL103. Transmittal R3435CP – CMS.

CMS Manual System. • Required. For a current list of patient status codes, please refer to the NUBC UB-04 Manual.

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